Tips for Data Card Users

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A Data Card or Mobile Broadband is a portable internet connectivity device, used to connect a standalone desktop or laptop computer to the Internet using a 3G SIM card with a data plan. This device has made Internet connectivity easier compare to other methods of connecting to the Internet like ADSL connections which uses devices like Modem, Router, cables and a subscription.  With Data cards, you have your internet in your hands.

In this post am going to show you some tips on how to speed up your mobile broadband and minimise data usage.

Tips for 3G Data Card Users

How to Speed Up Your 3G Data Card Mobile Broadband Service

The speed of your Mobile Broadband could be influenced by few factors, including:

  • The distance you are from the mobile mast.
  • Trees, buildings and other things between you and the mobile mast.
  • The number of users connected to the mast.

Using Google Public DNS

Use Google Public DNS instead of your ISP’s DNS server to speed up your browsing experience. DNS (Domain Name Services) is a server that resolves domain names to IP addresses. For example, a website could have an IP address of Whenever you visit a website on the web your request is first sent to your Internet Service Provider’s DNS server for the IP address of that website. If the DNS server of your ISP is not having the IP address of that website it will then forward the request to another DNS server until the IP address is found. DNS is term as the phonebook of the internet.

Using Google’s public DNS instead of your ISP’s DNS could improve request performance when you’re on the web. Google has their Public DNS service available on a global network which provides a speed boost to you by allowing your browser to make requests to the nearest name server available.

 How to Use Google Public DNS

To use Google Public DNS you will need to edit your current broadband network settings and use the following IP addresses and as your DNS servers for Primary DNS and Secondary/Alternate DNS respectively.

To do this you need to edit your existing DNS settings from Dynamic to Static and then enter the IP addresses as shown.

data cardAccessing your data card’s network settings may vary from brand to brand, so just go through the options until you find it.

How to Minimise Data Usage

Trying to monitor and minimise the activities that eat up a lot of data will be significant and help you save a lot data when using your mobile broadband data card. Here are few tips to help you minimise data usage:

  • Be sure to close apps that are running in the background that might possibly be using up data.
  • Switch off automatic updates. Be aware of any automatic updates that your computer or laptop may be downloading while you are using your Data Card. These often use up a lot of data.
  • Avoid streaming videos like YouTube videos.
  • Avoid downloading and uploading large files.

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