Antivirus Protection

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Antivirus Protection

Every computer in this world is vulnerable, it depends on how much time it may take to break through it. There are various forms of protection available and at the core, you will find “Antivirus”. Antiviruses have become very instrumental in protecting systems from various forms of attacks and infections, data vulnerability and system high jacking, system crashing and downtime, slowing down a whole system to using them as zombies.

A free antivirus mostly wouldn’t protect your system fully as they are mostly used for trials and possible purchase later, most of them come in one sided protection leaving you vulnerable on the other side. One free antivirus that does well are; “Microsoft Security Essential” and “AVG free”, they have a better protection than most of the other free antiviruses and can find more virus signatures also.

Some of the most famous purchased antiviruses which are widely recommended are; McAfee, Norton, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Titanium internet security, ZoneAlarm Extreme Security, etc. These antiviruses have daily upgraded signatures and updates given to their clients. The antivirus will send back reports of suspected signatures to be analysed also to make sure you stay protected.

Please note that, the antivirus does not mostly protect you from “Zero Day Vulnerabilities”. These are vulnerabilities that are released on the internet and or emails and could affect large sums of systems before antivirus companies identify the signatures and share it to their clients. In order to protect yourself from this, always make sure you limit your usage of freshly released software’s and most especially, software’s that are not globally reviewed software’s.

Get your system protected with genuine software’s installed, and avoid vulnerable sites like porn sites, linked game sites, links sent via email and etc, and don’t forget to keep your sensitive data’s offline and possibly on external drives.

Author: Bakary Jadama
Certified Ethical Hacker
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