10 Quick Keyboard Tricks Everyone Should Know

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Here are 10 quick keyboard tricks I think every computer user should know.

1.Create a folder using the keyboard

You can quickly create a folder using the keyboard. To do this, combine these keys: Ctrl+Shift+N. That’s it!

2. Bring back mistakenly closed browser tab

Did you mistakenly close a browser tab and want it back? No worries, you can simply bring it back by combining these keys: Ctrl+Shift+T. This works on almost all popular browsers.

3.Lock your computer

Are you working away from your computer and want to lock it quickly?

Just press: Windows Key+L.

4.Delete files without placing them on the recycle bin

Whenever you delete a file it actually goes to the Recycle Bin in case you want to restore it back its original location. In some cases, you may just want to do a permanent delete.

This is how it works: Press and hold Shift while you delete.

5.Bookmark a browser page

If you’re someone like me who bookmarks a lot of web pages for future reading or reference, you may want to know how to quickly bookmark a webpage.

Just combine Ctrl+D. This works on almost all browsers.

6.Minimize all running items on your computer

To quickly minimize all running apps or folders and access your Desktop, just combine Windows Key+M.

7.Switch between opened items

You can easily switch between opened items on your Windows environment by just combining: Windows Key+Tab or Alt+Tab.

8. Quickly launch Windows Explorer with a shortcut

You can quickly launch Windows Explorer by just combining: Windows Key+E.

9. Quickly jump to the top or bottom of a page

Are you reading on Microsoft Word, or a PDF file or maybe a webpage and want to quickly jump to the top or bottom? Combine these keys: Ctrl+Home and Crtl+End

10. Quickly close a Window

You can quickly close an open Window by pressing Alt+F4.


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