Is Phubbing Affecting Our Humanity?

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Just imagine couples of the future sitting in silence and mobile phones buzzing. Relationships based on text messages and status updates. The ability to talk or communicate face-to-face completely eradicated. Phubbing is a problem!

Something must be done NOW!

What is Phubbing?

The term Phubbing was coined from Mobile Phone and Snub; it is the act of ignoring someone in a social place by concentrating on your phone instead of paying attention to that person. Most people are so much attached to their mobile phones which makes them unaware of the distressing effect their behaviour has on others.


Phubbing with mobile phones and the internet is definitely replacing normal social interaction.”

85% of teenagers will prefer communicating via mobile phones than face-to-face. This is drastically eradicating social interaction. Most phubbers don’t actually know or care where and when not to phub. Some will  phub while on a date, on an interview, in a meeting, at the office attending to a client, walking on a busy road, talking with elders, in a class while the teacher is giving lectures, at the mosque or church, while driving, and believe me some will even phub while in bed with their partner.


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Let me ask you this question, how will you feel when you’re trying to have a very important conversation with someone and the person is busy on the phone? Definitely, you will get upset. Some also use phubbing to stay away from uninterested conversions.

“If it doesn’t stop it could be the end of human civilisation”

There is a special campaign called Stop Phubbing campaign to stop or reduce the act of phubbing.

Lets join the campaign to stop Phubbing!


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