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There is a lot of comparison going on between different kinds and models of smartphones recently. Most smartphone users have their own reasons of choosing a particular platform and some don’t actually care or know, “let it just be a smartphone”. The choice should depend on the user’s preferences, it doesn’t matter whether you are using an Android, Windows, Blackberry or an iOS device, just use what you are comfortable with.

Android is one the most popular open source mobile operating system recently because of its user friendliness and easy to use interface, that’s why it became the choice of most smartphone users. Lot of brands are using the Android OS on their devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note series, Samsung S series, Sony XPeria Z series, some HTC phones, most tablet computers and a lot more. Recently, new Blackberry smartphones are also running the Android OS abandoning their Blackberry OS. I believe the reason is because of its popularity. The most recent version of Android is 5.0 lollipop.

Another popular smartphone OS is the iOS, which runs on the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Many smartphone users love it because of its unique design and robustness. It is the best smartphone for taking photos, videos and surfing the Internet. The most recent version of iOS 8.4.

Windows phone also gain a little popularity but it is still behind Android and iOS. Its latest version resembles the its brother OS, Windows 8.1 with the metro tiles apps.

Blackberry OS has been a very popular operating system on Blackberry phones, because of its security, robustness and design. But it has lost popularity recently, that’s why Blackberry devices are making a transition to the popular Android OS.

There are other mobile OS out there like the Firefox OS from Mozilla Foundation, Symbian from Nokia and some more.
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