Access Your Favorite Folder with a Keyboard Shortcut

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If you have a folder that you access frequently you can simply create a custom keyboard shortcut and have access to it in a flash.

Step1: First you need to locate the folder you want to create a shortcut for.

Step2: Right click on the folder, and click “Create Shortcut“. This should create a shortcut of that folder in the same location.

Step3: Right click on the shortcut and then click Properties.

Step4: Within the properties look for the “Shortcut key” box and type your desired keyboard shortcut.

Note: Try using shortcuts like Ctrl + Alt + ? Or Ctrl + Shift + ? Or Alt + Shift + ? To avoid overriding existing keyboard shortcuts.

Step5: Click apply and then OK.

Works on applications too.

To deactivate the keyboard shortcut all you need to do is to delete the shortcut.

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