How to Easily Download YouTube Videos

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YouTube is one of the best video-sharing websites existing with millions of videos. Most people use it to upload or view tutorials, movies, music videos etc. But in most cases, you may want to download a YouTube video for offline view and some of us use YouTube downloaders or Add-ons to do this. In this tip, I’m going to show you how to easily download a YouTube video on any computer without having any downloading tool installed.

How To Easily Download  a YouTube Video

1. Go to and search for the video that you want to download.

2. When you open the video go to the address bar where you have the URL (Video address) and add ss after the www. and before the youtube like this…

3. Press the enter key. This should take you to a website called an online video downloader. You will see the YouTube video URL and thumbnail with a download button.

4. Clicking on the download button will automatically download the video using the default format. If you want to see more format options you will need to click on the download button’s drop-down arrow.

5. The video should start downloading in few seconds. In case you see a pop-up box asking you to install something just close it. If you’re using Firefox browser you should see the download box like this.

Another alternative is by using 10 instead of ss. HAPPY DOWNLOADING…

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