How to Recover .CHK Corrupted Files

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Some Microsoft Windows users might have experienced seeing files with an extension of.CHK within a removable storage drive. 

This can occur when a computer suddenly loses power, or when you remove a USB drive from the computer while a file is being written to it, which could damage some of your files. I know how frustrating  it could be; because it happened to me once, but I was able to find a solution to recover some of my files back. 

Windows automatically runs Check Disk when it notices a problem with a file system. The.CHK files are fragments of corrupted data, so rather than deleting any corrupted data it finds,Check Disk “chkdsk“puts it in a folder called FOUND.OOO

How to Recover .CHK Corrupted Files

First you’ll need to download a piece of software called unchkRun the application and find the drive containing the FOUND.OOO.

Next, you’ll need to select where you want the recovered files saved and then click on Ok.

In the next step you may leave the Hard drive option selected for better recovery which may take some time to complete but is worth it.

Your files should start recovering back to their original file formats. 


Note that 100% recovery isn’t guaranteed. I hope this post was helpful and don’t forget to share it.

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