How To Resize Multiple Photos Without Special Software

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Have you ever wondered how to simply resize multiple photos without installing any special software? Most people will use Photoshop or other photo editing applications to resize photos. But in this post i’ll show you a simple and quick way of resizing your photos without using any special software or online photo resizing tool.

Most HD cameras or smartphone cameras have a photo size between 1MB to 6MB, which could actually be large if you want to upload the photos to the web.

How To Resize Multiple Photos

First, what you need to do is to select the photos you want to resize. Then right click on the photos and go to Send To and then Mail Recipient.


A dialogue box will pop up, click on the drop down arrow to choose the dimension you want to resize it to. This may of course reduce the quality of the photos depending on how small you want it to be. Click okay and wait for it to resize.

Click Attach and wait for it to compress the photos.

When the compression is done, it’ll try to open your email client application, for exampleMozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook and attach the photos like an email attachment. Select all the attached photos, copy and paste them on a folder.

If you haven’t setup any email client you will see a pop-up message box saying No Microsoft Outlook profiles have been created

Leave the dialog box open, do not click OK.

To find where the resized photos are kept, you will need to locate the temporary folder calledTemp. This folder is usually hidden but you can locate it by typing this in the search box%temp%

Your temp folder may contain many files and folders, so just scroll to browse for the photos and move them to another folder.

That’s it! You’ve just learned a new trick. See you on the next post.

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