IT Abbreviations

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(Last Updated On: February 25, 2013)

1.RAM-Random Access Memory
2.ROM-Read Only Memory
3.BIOS-Basic Input/Output Systems
4.ALU- Arithmetic & Logic Unit
5.CPU-Central Processing Unit
6.LCD-Liquid Crystal Display
7.CRT-Cathode Ray Tube
8.DDR- Double Data Rate
9.SIMM-Single Inline Memory Module
10.DIMM-Double Inline Memory Module
11.IP- Internet Protocol
12.TCP- Transmision Control Protocol
13.HTTP- HyperText Transfer Protocol
14.FTP- File Transfer Protocol
15.POP-Post Office Protocol
16.SMTP- Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
17.NOS- Network Operating System
18.PnP- Plug n Play
19.PDF- Portable Document Format
20.MS-DOS- Microsoft Disk Operating System
21.RAID- Redundant Array of Independent Disk
22.SQL- Structure Query Language
23.HTML- HyperTeaxt Markup Language
24.CSS- Cascading Style Sheets
25.PHP- PHP: HyperText Preprocessor
26.PNG- Portable Network Graphics
27.WWW- World Wide Web
28.OS- Operating System
29.MAC-OS- Machintosh Operating System
30.DBMS- Database Management System
31.JS- JavaScript
32.IT- Information Technology
33.ICT- Information & Communication Technology
34.3G- 3rd Generation- of wireless Technology
35.4G- 4th Generation- of wireless Technology
37.JPEG-Joint Photograph Experts Group
38.GIF- Graphics Interchange Format
39.PC- Personal Computer
40.PCI- Peripheral Component Interconnect
41.App- Application
42.JRE- Java Runtime Environment
43.MMS- Multi-Media Message
44.USB- Universal Serial Bus
45.MS- Microsoft
46.POST- Power On-Self Test
47.VGA- Video Graphics Array
48.SVGA- Super Video Graphics Array
49.SIM- Subscriber Identity Module
50.APN-Access Point Name

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