What is Computer Programming? 

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Computer programming is the art and science of creating programs for the computer hardware to follow. A program is a set of instructions written by a programmer. The processor or the CPU which is the brain of the computer fetches those instructions from a written program stored in the memory and execute them one after the other.

Giving instructions to a computer is just like giving directions to a visitor. If you were suppose to say turn left but you said turn right your visitor might head to a different direction. Instructions given to a computer should be specific and in sequence one after the other. Programmers, developers or coders write programs using high level languages like c++, Python, Java, ruby etc. The lines of codes written by the programmer is called a source code and these codes are later compiled into machine code for the CPU to understand.

The instructions we give the computer could be ‘add two numbers together’ or ‘ check whether the user has press the enter key’ or ‘ display an image on the screen’, there could be 5 instructions contained in a program or even 100 or a million and each instruction is telling the computer to do something very specific.

The art of programming is taking a large idea and breaking it down into simple individual steps, using a set of rules to solve a problem, and these rules are called algorithm.

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