How To Fix: You need to format the disk in drive

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In this tutorial am going to show you how to fix: You need to format the disk in drive F: before you can use it.


This error normally occurs when you connect your disk drive, either a flash drive or an external hard drive. This could be really frustrating if have very important files in your drive that you can’t afford to lose.


What normally causes this problem is, unplugging your disk drive without ejecting it from the computer. Always make sure you close any opened file stored in the drive and then properly eject it before unplugging.

If anytime you plug in your disk drive and see this message, make sure you click Scan and fix (recommended) to scan and fix disk errors.



The following solution has worked for me several times, and hopefully it would work for you as well.

1. Go to start button on windows

2. Search for “cmd” and right click on it and click “Run as Administrator

3. Now type :     chkdsk <Your disk letter>: /f

To confirm your drive’s letter, click on the Computer and check the drive letter assigned to your disk drive.


For e.g If your disk drive’s letter is named “F” then just type —–   chkdsk f: /f or if it is G then type——chkdsk g: /f

Go through the steps and your drive will be fixed. If this solves your problem please leave a comment.

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