How To View Hidden WallPapers in Windows

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Windows 7 comes with its logo as the default Desktop wallpaper, it also comes with additional wallpapers including 6 desktop backgrounds that are tailored to your region and that’s the region you’ve chosen when you first install Windows 7.

If you right click on the Desktop and click on Personalize, you’ll see the current selection and under themes you will see some wallpapers named Windows 7, Architecture, Characters, Lanscapes, Nature, Scenes and maybe United States depending if the region that was chosen during the installation was US. So if you had chosen United Kingdom for example you will see UK wallpapers instead. So you will not see the wallpapers of the other regions because they are hidden, and this post I’m going to show you how to unhide them.

How To View Hidden Wallpapers in Windows

First you will need to go Computer from the start menu or click on Windows Explorer and navigate to Local Disk C:\Windows (Where Windows is installed).

Open it and locate the Windows folder and open that one too. Click on the search box at the top right of the folder and type Globalization.

When the Glottalization folder shows, double click to open it and search for MCT at the top right like you did previously.

You will now see 5 different folders for the five different regions. For example, if you openMCT-ZA (for South Africa) and then open the sub folder South Africa you will see the wallpapers.

To use the wallpapers, just click on one of them and click Set as desktop background. Now the wallpapers for that region will show at the themes option when you click on Personalizeand Desktop Background from the Desktop. You can follow the same steps if you want to use the other wallpapers too.


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