Increase the right click (context menu) “Sent To” List

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The Right Click Menu or sometimes called the Context Menu offers a limited set of choices that are available in the current state, or context, of the operating system or application to which the menu belongs. Usually, the available choices are actions related to or could be done to the selected object, for example, OpenCopyCutSent To etc.

Normally when you right click on a file or folder in Windows, a shortcut menu appears with few commands you could perform with that file or folder.

Usually, the “Sent to” option within the context menu contains few choices like compressed (zipped) folderDesktop (create shortcut)DocumentsFax recipientMail recipientBluetooth or Removable media connected to your computer. These are normally the choices you can send your file or folder to.

But you can simply increase the “Sent To” list within the right-click menu to see more choices.

To increase the right click (context menu) “Sent To” List do this:

Hold down the “Shift key” and right click on the file or folder and then point to “Sent to“, you should a list with more options to send your file and folder to.

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