Why your laptop’s battery does not last long?

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I got lots of complain from some laptop owners about their laptop batteries not lasting long as usual. Now here is the thing, most laptop batteries will start to fail after 1 or 2 years, this varies depending on the usage of course, but the average laptop battery is good for around 400 recharges, based on a research. To expand your battery life don’t leave your laptop battery on charge permanently. After your laptop is fully charged, unplug it from the charger or if you prefer you can remove the battery and leave it plugged in to power until you are ready to move then you can fix the battery back again.

Here are few tips to help you if you are on battery power and you want it to last a little longer. Some of these tips might also work for smartphones and tablets.

1. Reduce the brightness of your screen when you are using battery power.
2. If you are on battery power, disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if they are not in use. Both radios use a fair amount of power.
3. Remove unnecessary peripherals from the laptop if they are not in use, like DVD disc or USB devices like Web Cam, mobile phones etc. All these could draw battery power.
4. Change the power settings of your computer or get a power saver app.
5. Close apps that are not in use, because they will be using memory resources.

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