How to sync files and install apps on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch without iTunes

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A lot of iDevice users have problem on how to sync music, videos, photos or documents to their devices compare to other smart devices in which you can just copy and paste items to the device. For iDevices this is not the case, you need iTunes to sync them. Your device is allowed to only sync with one iTunes library. If you try to sync it with another iTunes library it will ask you to erase the existing items first before syncing with the new ones. People have always tried to figure out an alternative. Some will end up jailbreaking the security of the device and remove some restrictions, and others will try to use third-party applications.

Few months ago I made some research for an app that can be used as an alternative to iTunes; and i found a Chinese app called iTools, which I think is one of the best that I have tried yet.

iTools interface

Here are few things you can do with iTools:

• Sync your music, videos, photos, or documents
• Create or use your favourite music as your ringtone
• Backup and Restore your device
• Use your device as a portable hard drive
• Migrate files from one iDevice to another
• Download and install apps
• Rearrange your desktop icons
• View a real-time screenshot of your iDevice on your computer
• Upgrade your iDevice to the latest version and a lot more…

itools features

To try iTools click here

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