Tricks in Solving iPhone Storage Problems

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Recently one of our followers asked us this question:

“Hello, I keep having storage problem with my iPhone. My iPhone is 16GB but the files in the phone are less than that and it keeps telling me your storage is full. So I want to know how to solve that problem please.”

iPhone users usually have a problem with storage and it’s annoying when your iPhone keeps prompting you that you’re out of storage. In this post I’m going to share with you some tips and tricks I normally use to solve my iPhone storage problems.

Here are few solutions that I found helpful:

Option One: Delete unnecessary Photos and Videos

One of the things that takes more space on your iPhone is photos, so if you’re someone who takes lots of photos and videos you might end up having a storage problem. Most of the photos taken by the iPhone camera takes up 2MB of space. Imagine having 1000 photos in your Camera Roll that could take a lot of space.

So take some time to delete all the unnecessary photos or videos from your Camera Roll. If you’re running iOS 8 and above, after deleting go to the Recently Deleted folder to clear it. This could definitely save you a fantastic amount of space.

Another thing I normally do is to backup all or most of my photos to my computer and then delete them from my iPhone.

Options Two: Delete and Reinstall Apps

One way to gain some storage is to delete and reinstall applications that are taking lots of space in your iPhone. Apps like WhatsAppMessengerFacebookSnapChat and Games store a lot of data.

To find out how much data each application is using, go to Settings>General>Storage & iCloud Usage and then click on Manage Storage under Storage.

This will show you a list of all the applications and the amount of space each has consumed. You can simply tap on an app and then click Delete App to delete and clear all the documents and data the app has stored.

Now download and install the app again and then notice the difference.

You can perform this steps for most of the apps in your iPhone to clear more space. It’s important to have a copy of your apps on your computer if you’re going to be using this option so that you won’t have to keep downloading the apps all over again especially if you’re not having Wi-Fi.

It is also a good step to delete all the unused applications on your iPhone to secure more space.

Option Three: Clear Safari Data

If you use Safari a lot you may also want to clear the cache, cookies and histories stored on the device to get some space.

To do this go to Settings>Safari>Clear History and Website Data and then clear the data.

After clearing the Safari data, go back to your storage and see the difference.

Option Four: Try Downloading a Large App

Another trick you can use is to download an app with a large size greater than your current space. What I normally do is to try and download the HearthStone game which is 1.91GB. Before trying this option I would like you to go and check your current storage first so that you will see the difference after doing it.

To do this go to the App Store and then click search and type “Hearthstone”. You may likely see a message that says the app is not available in your store, but just click switch store in case you see it.

By trying to download this game it will show you a message saying “This item is over 150MB” and you need to connect to a Wi-Fi to download it, just click OK to get rid of that message.

Now wait for some time for the second message to appear which will either say “Cannot Download” There is not enough storage to download the app or “Unable to Download App” Hearthstone could not be downloaded at this time. Just tap on OK and check your storage now you should see some difference, if you’re not seeing any changes close Settings and open it again. Trying this 2 to 3 times may save you up to 500MB or more.

Option Five: Download Magic Cleaner App

You can also download an app called Magic Cleaner app on your iPhone to help in cleaning some junk files that is taking space.

Now go to back and check your storage and see the difference.

Now these are the tips I have for you in this post but I know there are lots of other methods or apps that could solve iPhone storage problems out there. So please let me know if these options work for you by leaving a comment on the comment box below and don’t forget to subscribe to receive more tips right in your inbox. Thank you and see you on the next post.

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